i have a hard time explaining things im passionate about.
Best Friend | Homie

No one appreciates Sebastian enough. APPRECIATE HIM MORE.



I bought so much junk food, it’s bliss. Real food wise, I want banh xeo, goi cuon, and banh uot.

Donquixote Rocinante in Chapter 764

When you fall in love with a great character you know is going to die. 

Weekly Jump Cover- Vampire Luffy

My old laptop finally runs smoother because I cleared some unnecessary space.


I bet being a mute would make Rocinante’s voice rather.. hoarse..

Tell us your real name!



So far I’ve watched Annabelle Sunday, Gone Girl today, and Friday I’m going to watch Maze Runner with a cool guy friend. We also might watch Sinister, he said that was his favorite horror film and other people said it was good. So I wanted to watch it.

I was cleaning my room and thought why not rearrange it! I needed to get some feng shui going, it’s been a little stale lately.

Update: 06:00AM

I am tired, but finished and tidied everything up. Gonna download a buttload of music later today. Can’t wait!